Year 1/2 – Miss Selant

Easter is fast approaching and we have a busy few weeks ahead.

Our new theme is a Science focus- “Here we grow” and we will be finding out how plants grow and what they need to keep them healthy and strong. During this project, we will be investigating the best conditions for beans to grow and discussing the different parts of a flowering plant.

The children will know the names of 5 common wild and garden plants (Rose, Daffodil, Snowdrop, Tulip, Daisy, Sunflower, Poppy, Dandelion). They will be able to identify the basic structure of a flowering plant and they will also know and describe the stages of plant growth. The children will make simple predictions to answer questions and make observations about plants.

During Geography sessions, we will be focusing on knowing and using geographical words such as beach, sea, ocean, soil, vegetation, coast mountains. The children will be able to locate these topographical features coasts, mountains, rivers, land locate and describe where the equator, Arctic and Antarctic are and use aerial photographs to recognise this physical features coast, mountains, river, land, sea/ocean.

We will be busy in Art learning different techniques for sculpture, using language to describe what we are creating- (pinch, roll, pattern, coil, mould, join)

I’m sure you agree that there will be plenty to keep our brains growing in this 5-week term.

General reminders

Mondays and Wednesdays.

£2.50 this half term.

Warm coats needed with sensible waterproof footwear.

Really helps support your child and the work we are doing at school. Book bags need to be in school daily with signed comments in reading record books.

Spellings are sent home Friday to Friday- Please could you help your child to learn these.

Learning Journals
We have had a super response to these and it would be great if the child/ parent tasks could be maintained.

No toys are to be brought into school as they get lost or broken.

Miss Selant & Miss Foggerty

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