What makes Britain Great!

Children in town hall

What makes Britain Great!

Today we traveled all the way to Preston City Hall on the train!  We were attending a pupil parliament event which was all about what we thought made Britain great.  We had been preparing and practicing for our presentation for over one month.  We practiced in front of our class so we could be as confident as possible on the day.  It worked!

We were really thankful that we had practiced because we were performing in the main chambers where all the proper councillors go to do all the talking!  It was huge and the seats were massive (the Mayor of Preston said it was because the councillors a long time ago were pretty fat)!  Anyway,  it was a big room and to make things worse two schools presented at the same time.  We all agreed it was probably the most challenging thing we have done so far with Pupil Parliament.

The aspects of Britain that we chose to discuss were; authors, such as Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare, places of interest, such as Blackpool and Lego Land Windsor and our capital city, London.

Our next event will be in June and it will be hosted at Lancaster University.  We will be discussing issues globally, choosing a country of our own to discuss.

Sharna, Rhys, Lola and Shaun.

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