Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit have inspired our learning this week. We were excited to watch the short film and talk about the different characters. Then we all wrote about the penguin and the wrong decisions he made.
Because Wallace had made Gromit some amazing trousers, we all designed our own trousers for different purposes using lots of different materials. It was great fun!
We’ve also got a crafting area and take turns to make our own inventions using lots of recycled materials.
In science, we investigated which materials were the most waterproof and then which materials floated or sank.
While we were working on these two activities we learnt so much about different materials. We decided that the best material to make a boat from would be wood because it floats well and the most suitable material for wellingtons would be rubber.
We also made some really healthy fruit salads this week. During our visit to the life bus, we were reminded about how to keep our body healthy. So, we decided to make a yummy fruit salad this week during our food technology session. It was delicious!! ( we also had it with mini-pancakes and squirty cream Shhhh!!!!)
A brilliant week and so much fun.
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