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This page gives you guidance on the learning that your children can do whilst at home, due to either self-isolation, illness or school closure.

It is incredibly important that child/ children feel secure and safe, this is even more vital during this period of national insecurity and concern. A structure and sense of continuity will really help maintain this so we have suggested an age appropriate daily plan in each of the drop-down sections.

Please make sure that you help and encourage your child to keep up with daily learning, in light of the fact that we have no idea at present how long school closures/ absences will last for, it is vital that good study habits are maintained or your child’s learning could be severely compromised.

The suggestions for learning activities are linked to the learning that your child is currently engaged in at school, and will be updated at regular intervals. If you have any questions or concerns about the suggested learning activities or your child’s response to them then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher, e-mails are included in the letters from school and in the relevant drop down sections on this page. Please do not contact them outside of 9am- 4pm, they will not reply to any queries outside of these hours.

Headteacher Challenge - Easter Holiday

During the Easter Holidays we will be open from 9am till 3pm for children of Key Workers and other qualified children, except on Friday the 10th and Monday the 13th of April when we will be closed as these are both Bank Holidays. If you require to contact us during this time please call the Main School Office number 01524 401 002.

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