The making of the Mayor day!

Children in town hall

The making of the Mayor day!

On the 9th May our school was invited to the Annual Council Meeting where a new Mayor was to be inaugurated!  The exciting part was that the new Mayor of Lancaster is now Susie Charles, who helped us in the building of our new school!  We were very proud to be mentioned in the ceremony and waved enthusiastically when they said our name, “Morecambe Bay Community Primary School”. 

There were lots of speeches by different Lancaster councillors and we actually met one in the car park before we even went in.  We just happened to be eating our sandwiches before the ceremony and he informed us that he, Peter Williamson was to propose the new Mayor as part of the ceremony!  We were also lucky enough to witness Mr Cedric Robinson MBE being given the ‘Honorary Freedom of the City’, where he was also given a Scroll of Honary Freedom.  See our pictures we have of us and his wife!  He was a very kind and lovely man who told us about how he learned to cross the bay safely!  His family are the only people who know how safely and despite being in his 80s he still does the job!
All the councillors at the ceremony do different jobs.  Mainly they listen to people, help charities, open buildings (new and old) as well as visit school and oversee improvements.  We hope to do similar things as good school councilors. 
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