School Council

In this school council group there are 15 members from Year 1 to year 6. We are going to aim to meet every fortnight to  discuss projects. We hope you find our page interesting because you will see pictures and movies as well as up to date information about our projects.

Meeting 30th January

This week Ben, Nathan, Stuart, Ruby and Larissa conducted some research about what other school councils do.  The findings were as follows.Some examples of what other school councils do:clean looslisten well to each otherdiscuss issuesresponsible for newspaper...

The making of the Mayor day!

On the 9th May our school was invited to the Annual Council Meeting where a new Mayor was to be inaugurated!  The exciting part was that the new Mayor of Lancaster is now Susie Charles, who helped us in the building of our new school!  We were very proud to be...

Millennium Development Goals

Today we attended a pupil parliament event at Ripley Saint Thomas, Lancaster. It was a lively event with 20 school attending from the Lancashire area.  The topic for discussion were the 8 Millennium Development Goals: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Achieve...

What makes Britain Great!

Today we traveled all the way to Preston City Hall on the train!  We were attending a pupil parliament event which was all about what we thought made Britain great.  We had been preparing and practicing for our presentation for over one month.  We practiced in front...

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