Our school offers a very stimulating curriculum which means that our children love to learn and love their school! We believe that all children learn better when excited by learning. Here children participate in a huge number of trips, have many visitors and outside experts who enrich their classroom experience.

Each child is recognised as having individual talents and strengths that are built upon in a rich and varied curriculum. Whether the children are talented sports people, artists, cooks, dancers, musicians, writers, scientists, actors or mathematicians we aim to recognise these strengths and use them to build up confidence in all areas of their school experience. Our skilled staff ensure that Learning at Morecambe Bay school really is irresistible!

At Morecambe Bay, all the children follow the National Curriculum in :-

  • Literacy
  • Geography
  • Numeracy
  • Art
  • Science
  • Music
  • History
  • Physical Education
  • Design Technology
  • Information Technology

as well as being taught RE and LFL(Learning for Life).  The school is successful in teaching these subjects whenever possible through cross-subject themes/topics that build children’s understanding & knowledge in a more relevant & stimulating manner.

The children are divided into year groups and taught individually, in groups, or as a class depending on the need of the lesson.

There are nominated teachers who are responsible for each area of the curriculum.  Some subjects are taught as a separate lesson while others are taught across the curriculum.


The children are given homework throughout the school.  In Reception and Year One this usually consists of reading and reading related activities.  From Year Two onwards the children are expected to do their reading, learn spellings and multiplication tables.  In addition the children may be asked to complete other tasks/activities at the discretion of the class teacher.  We would appreciate parents’ support to ensure that homework is completed.

Religious Education

Religious and Moral Education form an integral part of our school day.

We approach Religious Education in a variety of ways, through daily school assemblies, as well as stories, topics and celebrations of major festivals.  Should parents wish their children to be withdrawn from any aspect of Religious Education they are of course quite free to do so. Such requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher stating the reason for the withdrawal.

Sex Education

At Morecambe Bay, Sex Education is provided for all children in a manner which is appropriate to their age and development.  This is part of a comprehensive curriculum and the importance of family life and personal relationships are emphasised throughout.  With our younger children sex education is dealt with sensitively as appropriate situations arise e.g. topics on ourselves, but it is not formally taught.  As part of the National Curriculum Science programme the children will learn the main stages of the human life cycle.  This includes growth and reproduction.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the sex education other than those elements which are required by the National Curriculum.

Educational School Visits

Educational school visits are encouraged and parents/guardians are informed whenever children are to be taken away from the school premises.

Visits are an important element of the educational lives of children.  These visits may be strictly educational and cultural or a leisure activity, whether undertaken within or outside normal school hours.  They include half-day or day visits as well as those requiring an overnight stay, both those arising directly from the curriculum and those that are clearly extra-curricular, for example, a sporting activity after school or at the weekend.  Visits during school hours are justifiable in terms of National Curriculum and encouraged in order to enhance children’s learning.

Risk Assessments are completed before the visit is arranged.

An outdoor residential adventure week is offered to Year 6 pupils during the Summer Term.

It is the policy of the school to ask parents/guardians for voluntary contributions to cover the costs of the trips.


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