Musical Instrument Lessons

Group sessions with an experienced tutor including guitar, clarinet, trumpet and keyboard.

Reading Club

Books, books and more books. An opportunity to read for enjoyment and explore books in your own time.

Drama Club

Tread the boards of our new drama studio and enjoy all the fun of the theatre, working on drama skills, sketches, and larger productions.

Art Club

Express yourself through art giving an opportunity to create their own pieces and explore their own tastes in the world of art.

PE Club

Get up and get healthy enjoying time running around with friends.

Story Time

Get comfy and enjoy a good book.

Allsorts Club

Choose your own activities and have fun with friends in small groups.

Media Club

Allows children to create the new media projects they are interested in, ranging from TV and Podcasts to image enhancement and animation.

Football Club

Practice skills and drills, and play on our 5-a-side all weather football pitch.

Stamp Club

An exploration into the world of stamps, their value and how to collect and care for them.

Dodgeball Club

Learn how to dodge, duck, dip, and dive.

Cooking Club

Enjoy making new delicious dishes each week.

Board Games Club

Learn how to play new and classic board games with friends.

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